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Updates on the 5th and 20th

Posted By: Tom : November 20, 2017 6:00 AM

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and can spend it with family and friends no matter where you are.     


For those who have recently driven down Ranch Road from Highway 24 you have noticed that IREA has started the pole replacement and rerouting project.  IREA has informed us that they are upgrading the poles from single phase to three phase.  This will mean slightly taller poles with crossbars at the top to handle the additional two lines.  The reason for this upgrade is to increase capacity and provide better service for our area.  Some runs are moving from the middle of a field to along the road so they will be easier to maintain, especially in the winter.

The work planned for this winter is to run the new poles down Ranch Road from Highway 24 to Tapedero Road.  Additionally they will run new poles from Ranch Road down to the end of Sombrero Road and from Ranch Road down to the end of Tapedero Road.

We have been told that IREA will communicate directly with those that will be impacted by any outage as their work progresses.

The Ranch of the Rockies Annual Christmas Party is scheduled for Saturday December 9th starting at 2PM.  It will once again be held at the Hartsel Fire Station #5 located at Ranch Road and Campfire Road.
The Association will provide Ham, turkey, bread, drinks and place settings.
Each family/property owner who attends should bring a side dish or dessert.
Each person who attends is asked to bring a nonperishable food item to benefit the South Park Food Bank.  (See Flyer below)

Ron Rose, RORA Pres.

Christmas Party!

Posted By: Tom : November 14, 2017 7:53 PM

Dish with the Commish dates

Posted By: Suzan : November 9, 2017 9:03 PM

Updates on the 5th and 20th

Posted By: Administrator : November 5, 2017 1:01 AM

Managers Input

As we come into November there is not a lot going on around here. We do have the Christmas Party coming up and we are looking for volunteers to help set up and take down the decorations. Please call the Office and let me know if you can help.  It sounds like it is going to be an exciting event here at Fire House #5 this year.

Stove Pipes and Chimneys are the leading cause of structure fires in Park County and they should be serviced regularly throughout the winter, also with Christmas just around the corner Live trees inside become a major fire hazard. Let’s have a safe and Happy Holiday season.

The Burn pit is closed for the winter and everyone always asks when are we going to Burn it, and I do not have an answer to that. Weather and snow cover are the determining factors. I can tell you this, this is the most wood I have seen in there since I have been here. Bravo to all the folks that are working hard at cleaning up their lots.

Campers on Vacant Lots, as of October 1st they were to be off. I am impressed we only have a few that remain, and we are working on getting those folks to comply.

Personnel vehicles need to be serviced, and your emergency packs need to be checked and refreshed.  Mice and other critters love to get into the things.  Check your Tires and Coolant levels. Remember that it can get extremely cold up here and the snow may drift your road closed. Calling Road and bridge is a great idea but please remember that they too, are very busy in the Winter.

November is Thanksgiving month where people have out of town guests come up and they are not use to the weather up here. You really need to inform them of not only the weather, but also the altitude effects. Please have a great holiday and remember the folks that are abroad in the Armed Forces, they make sacrifices so that we can enjoy freedom .


John Adams Ranch Manager

Update on the IREA project

Posted By: Tom : October 28, 2017 9:31 AM

10/28/2017  The following information was provided by IREA.  A copy may be in your mail.

Notification of Construction Electric Power Line Upgrade
Western Union Ranch Feeder-WWW1744 October 24, 2017

Dear Homeowner,

IREA and its contractor, Colorado Powerline Inc. (CPI), will be rebuilding an overhead electric
distribution line in your area. The work will require removal of the existing line and replacement
with a new line. This project will improve system reliability in the area.

Work is expected to begin the week of October 30, 2017 and continue for approximately six months, excluding weather delays.

Scheduled outages may be necessary to complete the project and you will be notified in advance of a scheduled outage. If an outage occurs without prior notification, please contact IREA to report the outage.

As noted, Colorado Powerline is the contractor for this project. If you have questions or concerns related to this construction, please feel free to contact:

Stanley Consultants, Inc.
Rich Canedo, Construction Observer (719) 314-8496

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in helping us complete this project. INTERMOUNTAIN


5496 N. U.S. Highway 85, P.O. Drawer A / Sedalia, Colorado 80135


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