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July 5th Input

Happy 4th of July everybody!  Happy-4th-of-July

Burn Ban: We were blessed with some much needed rain recently and the ban was lifted.

Annual Meeting: with the Annual Meeting coming up I am reminded to let folks know that the Weekend of August 13th we will have the Picnic and that the Roll Off Dumpsters will be here again.

Containers: A topic of Interest has been the Plastic and Cardboard Containers being full, I wish to Thank everybody for using them and apologize for not having the opportunity to keep them emptied. I take them down on Thursdays when the Recycling company is normally doing Cardboard and Plastic. However, that is not always the case and I am told to wait till another day. When you come down and find them full, please do not leave it outside the Trailers, as it can blow around and create a real mess. Be assured, I will be trying to get them emptied as soon as possible.  The board of directors has this issue on the agenda for next Fun at the PicnicSaturday’s board meeting to discuss possible solutions for this problem.  If necessary, there is a Recycling center in Buena Vista by the Airport that you can take it to. Thank You for   your patience.

Annual Meeting: August 13th 2016 Set up is at 07:00 so Please Volunteer to help with the Setup and Cleanup.

Burn Pit: This year has been really great for people that have been cleaning up their lots and we even have some companies like Timber line Spraying and Mitigation using it. They have agreed to help us out by pushing it in for us, free of charge, when they are up here using it .

Reservoir: Fishing has been a little slow but people are still catching some nice fish and I have asked the Board to place a limit on the amount of fishing poles a person can use at one time. I have had some complaints of individuals that are using up to 10 Fishing poles at one time. There is a four fish limit per day not per visit.

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John Adams, Ranch Manager











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Hi everyone, please be aware that Park County Sheriff Wegner has declared a fire ban!  To check for the current status, or any changes, please check the following:

Updates on the 5th and 20th

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Managers InputFox4

Hello June, We have had the open-top dumpsters here and they filled up in less than 4 Hours the same day they arrived. This is an opportunity provided by the Board of Directors for the removal of large items around the house, like couches, mattresses and old barbeques. I apologize that we did not have a scrap metal trailer this time, but the metal prices are down and our guy with the trailer was unavailable. We will have the open-tops again the second weekend of August.

Building Questions:  Here are the common questions I get about Architectural Sign Off Sheets:

  • Do I need one to put in a drive way?                         No, But you do need a County Permit
  • Do I need one to put up a Green House?                  Yes and depending on the Size you may need a county Building permit as well.
  • Do I need one to put in a septic Tank?                      No, But you do need a County permit
  • Do I need one to put a shed in?                                  Yes, no matter what size. For anything over 120 square feet, you need a Building permit, no matter what the type of foundation. Please remember that you are only allowed two accessory buildings on one lot and you cannot have one on any vacant lot that does not have a house on it.
  •  Do I need one for a Chicken Coop                            Yes, it is considered an accessory structure.
  • fox15Do I need one to put a well in?                                   No, but you must have a “Letter of Good Standing” from the office and have your Declarations signed.

IN Order to obtain a Architectural Sign off sheet you must be a member in good standing (with HOA dues current.)

With all the construction going on, if you are not sure if you need the architectural sign off sheet, please call me at the office 719-836-2079.

Hey the bears are up and I am already getting reports of them visiting folks that have humming bird feeders and bird feeders out. Please remember that bears are not just nocturnal and they can be seen at all time of the day so when you are out walking the Roads or Trails Please be watchful and careful.


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John Adams, RM


Updates on the 5th and 20th

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When elected to the board in 2013, I stated that I did not have an “agenda” for my tenure on the board, and expressed appreciation to our board and Manager for their commendable management efforts. I still stand by that statement.  However, those who attended that Annual Meeting also may remember I expressed concern about the rising number of abandoned (unregistered) vehicles and the growing amount of derelict machinery that have found their way to the Ranch. I’m sorry to report this situation has only become worse.





As Association members, we should respect the investments our neighbors have made in their homes and property here on the Ranch. The Ranch of the Rockies’s covenants – the rules and regulations we agreed to live by when we purchased property and signed the Declarations – were designed to insure there would be mutual respect for one another’s property.  Indeed, many of the sizeable residential investments made here on the Ranch were predicated on those covenants and their enforcement.

It is my hope that the board, together with our Rules Enforcement Committee (REC) and Manager, can better address the growing problem of abandoned vehicles and machinery. Those who are in violation of the Ranch’s policies are asked to comply with the rules before enforcement becomes necessary. If there is intent of reusing derelict items on your property, the respectful thing to do is to relocate them to where they cannot easily be seen by your neighbors.








The residential character of the Ranch is changing rapidly with more and more full-time and seasonal homes being built each year. These represent significant investments by our Association members that should be protected.  While many of our members do not have homes here, it will not serve any of the Association’s membership if the Ranch becomes known as the “Junk Yard of the Rockies.”

Jeff Deardorff


Updates on the 5th and 20th

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May 5th 2016

Managers Input

April 2016 RIP Joe Julia, I shall cherish the memories of a great friend and mentor.

Pretty May Morning

Pretty May Morning

Here we are waiting for warmer weather but I for one am glad we have this moisture to help keep the fire danger down.  There is a lot of fire mitigation to get done here on the ranch and I need some folks to sign up for the Burn Pit. If you are looking for fire wood for next year, why not help a neighbor out and sign up for the wood removal crew Please Remember that you must remove the slash as well. I will make the burn pit available to those crews on off days.

Reservoir: I would like to thank the folks that have helped me clear out some of the willows on the Dam your work is gratefully appreciated.

Horses: PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE HORSES some of them are on a special diet.  I have room on the Pastures for 5 more horses. We will be moving them to the summer pasture (Pasture A) this year so I can get some much needed work done on the loafing shed and some drainage as well.


Restrooms at the Pavilion: The water will be turned on soon and the RV Dump Station is already open. I would like to remind folks that the water there IS NOT POTABLE.

Camp Fires: If you build a Fire pit on your property here are the rules for size CAMPFIRE SPECIFICATIONS: All belowground fire pits shall be at least four inches in depth and shall be surrounded on the outside, aboveground, by a non-combustible material such as steel, brick, or masonry. The fire pit cannot exceed three feet in diameter, nor may the fire pile exceed two feet in height.

Fire pits may be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and these regulations:

  • Only natural firewood/commercial logs may be burned. o Burning of lumber, pallets, scrap wood, tree trimmings, leaves, yard waste, paper, cardboard, garbage and similar items is not permitted.
  • All fire pits must be located away from any structure or combustible material.
  • Belowground fire pits and freestanding fireplaces must be located a minimum of 25 feet away from any structure or combustible material. o Portable fire pits must be located a minimum of 15 feet away from any structure or combustible material.
  • The fire must be constantly attended and supervised until the fire has been completely extinguished. A portable fire extinguisher or other approved extinguishing equipment, such as a garden hose, must be readily available

Rules Enforcement: If you have more than two Out Buildings on your lot and this includes Green houses then you may be in violations of Park County LURs The County Enforcement guys will be out looking this Summer.

Please be safe this Summer and watch out for children when you are driving Ranch Roads.

John Adams, RM

John Adams, RM









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