Ranch Christmas Party Update

Posted By: Tom : November 21, 2015 1:00 AM


Christmas is coming…  xmastree

and the Goose is getting fat, but it won’t matter – because we’re having ham!  Be sure to save the date – Saturday, December 12th at 1:00PM for the Ranch of the Rockies Annual Christmas Party.  The party will take place at the Hartsel Fire Protection District’s Station #5 located at Ranch and Campfire.

This year the party will not be catered, so the money saved will be going to purchase more and bigger door prizes and awards including Walkie-Talkies, Cargo Straps, Spiral Cut Hams, Flashlights, and lots of Gift Certificates from some of your favorite local stores and restaurants including

Skanga Meat Company                                 Loback’s Bakery                                                Jan’s Restaurant

House Rock Kitchen                                        City Market                                        Quincey’s Steak House

Storyville Cinema                                             Tractor Supply Company               Timberline Motorsports

True Value Hardware                                     Eddyline Restaurant                       Rustic Woods Gift Shop

So be sure to:

  • Bring a side dish or desert to support our ham entree
  • Let John (rorahoa@ghvalley.net) know you will be coming
  • Let me (jeffdorff@gmail.com) know if you can help serve
  • Bring a wrapped gift (<$15) if you want to participate in the Dirty Santa Gift Exchange
  • Wear your best (worst) Christmas Sweater for the Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest (prizes for first three places this year!)
  • Get your door prize tickets at the registration table
  • Enjoy, and reacquaint yourself with friends and neighbors

The Board wishes you a Merry Christmas, and hopes to see you all there.

Jeff Deardorff, Member-at-Large

Christmas Party





Commnet Tower Update

Posted By: Tom : November 20, 2015 8:03 PM

In the Park County Board of Commissioners meeting on 11/19/15, the County Commissioners approved Commnet’s Special Use Permit to build the cell phone tower in Ranch of the Rockies on Adobe Road.
The Commissioners received 16 written public comments, 13 in favor and 3 opposed. I forwarded everything that was sent to me.
There were four RORA property owners who spoke during the public hearing portion of the meeting, all were in favor of the tower.
Talking with Commnet after the Commissioners meeting they said they would get things going as soon as the paperwork is finalized in early December and expected to have the tower complete by spring.  They want to get it completed as soon as possible but the completion time will be dependent on how the winter weather is for construction.
Ron Rose


Ron Rose – Treasurer

Updates on the 5th and 20th

Posted By: Administrator : November 20, 2015 10:36 AM

Wow, hard to believe that the year is almost over!  Your Board of Directors has been hard at work all year.

A few of the most recent accomplishments are:

    • through a joint effort with Park County, we were able to get the broken snow fences replaced
    • the new entry sign at Ranch and Hwy 24 was finished and erected
    • the front steps and railings to Ranch house were replaced
    • the most faded street signs and also the ones that are missing, in the Ranch, have been ordered and will be replaced by Park County

RORA entry sign 10 2015 looking east

Please read the minutes on our document page on the website.  I try to make these as complete as possible, so you know what is going on.  Don’t forget that you are always welcome to attend the board of directors meeting which is the 2nd Saturday of every month at 9 am at the Ranch office.



The Architectural Review Committee and the Rule Enforcement Committee have been busy helping the board to enforce our Rules and Regulations (see Policies and Procedures document).  Thank you to all of you who moved your camp trailers and campers off your lots.

Please remember that if you plan to do any new construction or improvements including; sheds, garages, painting, staining, roof replacement etc, that an architectural sign off form needs to be submitted and approved by the committee.

This form is on the document page of the website, but you can also get it here;                       CLICK FOR FORMChristmas Party

The Christmas Party is coming up on December 12th at 1 PM at Fire Station 5 on the corner of Campfire and Ranch Rd.  We hope to see you there.

I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving.

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Suzan Gebow

Secretary of the Board






Updates on the 5th and 20th

Posted By: Tom : November 5, 2015 6:30 PM

11/05/2015Christmas ornament

I am back from vacation and we had a fantastic time. We truly live in the best state of all with the all four seasons there is always something to do and it is all close by. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and the weather has held up pretty nice with only having a little bit of snow. There are a few things we need to prep for and one is the Christmas party in December. This year we are having it earlier in the day and we need to know how many folks are going to attend how many are participating in the gift exchange and how many volunteers we will have.

Please RSVP by Phone or by Email so we can get an idea of what to plan for.

As most of you know we have closed a few things for the winter like the Burn pit, the Pavilion and Restrooms, the Reservoir and Park Site “C” and the Dog park. Driving safety on the roads;  here on the ranch the roads can get pretty muddy and I have already seen the tracks of folks sliding off. Please slowdown and drive safe.

The Hartsel Fire Department is currently seeking volunteers from Ranch of the Rockies.  There are only two people from the Ranch that are active volunteers. They also have a Reserve unit in place so if you have the time and need some excitement in your life why now be a volunteer fire fighter. Please contact Hartsel Fire at 719-836-3500 ask for Chief Hutchinson or Assistant Chief Tingle for more information.

Ranch of the Rockies Christmas Party

  Date: December 12th 2015

Location: Fire Station #5 on Ranch Road and Campfire 2014 12 13_0662

Time: 1:00 PM

Set up and decorating will be done on 12/11/2015 at 3 pm

Main Dish: Spiral Ham

Everyone is encouraged to bring a dish or desert

The Ugly Sweater is back by Popular Demand

Prizes Gift Certificates for 1st 2nd and third place.

Gift Exchange: All Gifts should be under $15.00 and Marked whether they are for a boy or girl.

Rules: Gifts may only be exchanged two times

Volunteers are needed so contact the office before Saturday December 12th 2015

 Door Prizes:  The Board of Directors went all out this year and here are some of the Door Prizes

Spiral Ham, walkie talkies, restaurant gift certificates and theater tickets

2014 12 13_0666





John Adams, RM

Public Hearing November 19th at 9:30 am Park County Offices

Posted By: Suzan : October 30, 2015 4:11 PM

There will be a public hearing with the Park County Commissioners for the Commnet Proposed Cell Phone Tower in Ranch of the Rockies on Thursday November 19th at meeting notice9:30 am.  This is part of the weekly Commissioners meeting that is held at the County Offices located at 501 Main Street in Fairplay.

Commnet has requested a Special Use Permit to allow them to build the tower.  The Special Use Permit needs to be approved by the County Commissioners.

This is the opportunity for the public to voice their support or opposition to the tower before the Commissioners vote on it.

I plan to attend both as a RORA Board Member as well as a local resident.

The Commissioners would like to hear feedback from the residents of RORA.  I will supply them with the feedback I have received.

If you would like to have your voice heard but cannot attend on the 19th, you can send me an email and I will print them all out and present them to the Commissioners.  

Email your comments to ron@rose3.com prior to November 18th so I will have time to compile them.  Make sure your name and address is in the email and only include comments you would like publicly shared. I will not edit or filter them.

For more information, I have been posting information on this topic to a thread in the RORA Forum.

Proposed Cell Phone Tower in RORA


Ron Rose


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